Coronavirus (COVID 19) Local Support, Help and Advice

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Coronavirus (COVID 19) Local Support, Help and Advice

15th July 2020

Hi Everyone,

There are lots of volunteers who are offering to shop and to help in many other practical ways, and lots of people with ideas of how to make this time less worrisome and stressful. So please do not hesitate to ask for help. Here is my understanding of what is in place now.

The following links will help to keep up to date on the local situation:       
https://wGovernment has responded to

Over the past few days the Government has begun to publish the Covid 19 statistics relating to Suffolk and District Council catchments. It hasn’t yet got to postcode level but we will keep asking. To find out about the recent and current numbers of local cases and other data go to:     

If you need help with anything please contact "A Helping Hand In Debenham" on 07752 296136. This is the volunteer organisation coordinated by Richard Blackwell and facilitated by the Parish Council. They are doing shopping for anyone who is isolated. It also has a team “Telephone Friends” who have volunteered to call people who are isolated or simply want to have a chat during what can be some very long days. However if you have other requests don't hesitate to ring them and they will see what they can do to help. But if you are already being helped by a neighbour, please continue to use their good service. "Helping Hand" is just trying to compliment the good work that is already happening.

In Addition to “A Helping Hand in Debenham” continuing to support vulnerable and isolated residents in the area, Jane Baldwin is coordinating deliveries from the "Debenham Food Parcel Scheme" – Anyone in this time of national crisis can find themselves in difficulties – It’s not just the vulnerable - The shut-down of retail shops, businesses and companies has left many families facing serious financial problems – Please do not feel embarrassed or hesitate to contact Dina Bedwell (Debenham Parish Clerk – 01473 787861 or 07514 277974) if you are struggling to support yourself or your family (It is strictly confidential).

When opportunities for those who are living with dementia to get out of the house, have a trip to a favourite spot and enjoy a cup of tea in a café or garden centre are limited, the stresses build up in both carers and those they care for. This is the sort of situation when many family carers are seriously worried about the person they care for wandering and getting lost and distressed. We desperately hope that this won’t happen but it makes sense to be prepared just in case. If the worst happens and the person you care for does go missing either when you are out and about, or at home, contact the Police as soon as possible and before you go any further – They will not mind, and will advise you what to do next – Under that uniform they are amazing. And to help them find and bring your loved one home please think about using “The Herbert Protocol” – a form which describes your loved one together with a photo of them. I have attached their leaflet.

Suffolk County Council has launched it's “Home, But Not Alone” central phone number and App to help people in need access support, this means anyone in true need who doesn't know of local support groups/their contact numbers, can now contact a single phone line or access the app and ask for help. They will then be matched to someone who can help.   08008 766926

If you need information and advice, Age UK Suffolk has set up a corona virus information and support helpline on 01473 351234. They will be able to answer your questions or concerns, and signpost you to health and social care and other support organisations. You may also find the Dementia Together Helpline on 08081 688000 useful.

The Alzheimer’s Society has produced on-line information on “Coronavirus (COVID-19) Support for People Affected by Dementia”
If you are worried or concerned about how you are coping mentally, or if you are a carer for someone with dementia or mental illness, please don’t hesitate to call the Norfolk and Suffolk Mental Health NHS Trust Helpline on 08081 963494.

And never forget that The Debenham Project on 01728 862003 may have suspended all its group activities but it hasn't shut up shop. We are here for you to call when you need a chat or just to unload some of your stress so that you feel able to carry on. We will send you a newsletter or phone you regularly to find out how you are getting on so that you won't feel left on your own. Sadly we cannot maintain our transport service for medically related appointments for the time being but be assured we will restore all our services just as soon as we can. In the meantime do not hesitate to contact us if you have the need – we may not be able to help directly but we can link you with other organisations.

Whilst this support guide has been focused on Debenham it is also there for the villages and surrounding area. Of course, I am sure that other villages have their own schemes.

Kind regards,